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    3100 Miles Race 2008

    Vydané dňa 12. 06. 2008 (10286 prečítaní)
    Day 57: Suprabha finished her 12th 3100 mile race in 56 days 17:51:22. She has run 39 900 miles (64 000 km) on this track so far. This is also the end of 12th 3100 mile race.

    Race results
    Utpal Marshal's Blog
    Official fotogalery
    Jowan's fotogalery

    Day 56: Ananda-Lahari finished 3100 miles in his own way. He ran the last 30 laps in 4-6 min pace. Finally his time was 55 days 16:47:36.
    Pavol finished at 18:28 and reached his goal,  2700 miles.
    Suprabha has to run 50.3 miles tomorrow.

    Day 55: Abichal finished today before 18:00. It is his 5th finish of six, and his personal best. He is not only an avid utra runner, but he is tireless in taking care of his utra running web site Multidays.com.
    Today runners had to deal with two short but very intense thunderstorms. Each of these downpours takes precious minutes. Runners have to dry their feet, change their socks and shoes.
    After three successful days, Ananda-Lahari had a hard time. He could not set his feet running at all. He may have over 90 laps until midnight. So if he thinks of finishing  tomorrow, he should have a very good day. There are still over 60 miles for him to run.
    Pavol keeps to his standard. He finished with 78 laps after 23:00. He has to cover more than 35 miles to finish his 2700 miles.

    Day 54:
    Diganta Adhikari finished his third 3100 mile race today, before 18:00. During the whole race he had big problems with his knee. It is unbelievable how he could cope with this problem. Tomorrow Abichal will finish. It will be his personal best performance.
    It seems both our runners will finish on Saturday evening. Ananda-Lahari will finish 3100 miles and Pavol will finish his 2700 miles. Today Pavol had 87 laps and Ananda-Lahari will probably have 117 laps, as he had for the last two days.

    Day 53: Our boys had a hard time. The day started with a rain, but luckily it cleared out soon. After a tough beginning Ananda-Lahari started to run. When Pavol was leaving at 23:00, he had already 111 laps and was going on. Pavol came up to 76 laps today.
    Diganta Adhikari will finish tomorrow in the evening. He enjoyed his last day.
    To those who can speak English, I recommend Utpal´s article about Stutisheel and his family, you can find it here.
    Also Chanakhya Jankovic comes to the race regularly and writes his own impressions from the track in his blog.

    Day 52: A hot day. Pavol had some digestive problems. He walked in the morning and tried to run in the afternoon. He finished at 23:00 with 79 laps. Ananda-Lahari had a very good day. He was running in marathon pace in the evening. He had 110 laps at 23:00 and he was still running. He has passed Suprabha today, so if he stays there he can finish the race.
        I have found a few interesting videos about 3100 mile race. The first one was made by Utpal Marshall, who used to come to the race every day:

    Second is shot broadcasted by American CBS (first 30s is an advertisement):

    Day 51: Today was the last official day of the race. The organizers decided that runners can continue until Sunday, when Suprabha will probably finish the race. Today was Stutisheel´s finish. He improved his personal best , he was 1 hour and 2 min faster. His time was 50 days 11:19:46. It was his fifth race. Diganta Adhikari will finish probably on Thursday, Abichal on Friday and Ananda-Lahari is now only a few miles behind Suprabha. Pavol will try to complete 2700 miles, most probably on Saturday.  Ananda-Lahari had a hard day today. He had 95 miles shortly after 23:00, when Pavol was leaving. Pavol had also a crisis in the morning. He had digestion problems.He finished at 23:00 with 81 laps.Very nice pictures from the race by Jowan can be seen here.

    Day 49: The end of seventh week and last day for Petr as well. The weather was not working for him. It has been raining since the morning and at 13:00 it started pouring. Luckily it was rainig only for two hours and afterwards we could put on dry shoes instead of wet ones. The weather was not able to slow Petr down and finally after 48 days 11:53:27 he finished 3100 mile race, this time he improved his time for more than four days compared with the last year. 5000 km he completed in 48 days 15:40:21. These are  new Czech records as well. Ananda - Lahari had an excelent day too. Even though he was a little slow in the morning, his sprints during the evening helped him to complete 111 laps. Pali was doinig better too. When his soles stoped hurting, he was able to walk a little faster. At last he had 86 laps at 23:00. I crossed 3000 mile point before 7:00 in the morning. Finally I ran 116 laps in my next to last day, so I have 72 laps to run on the last day. I should finish between 16:00 and 17:00.

    Day 48: It was a  hot day, but luckily not so humid as the day before. Petr enjoyed his next to last day. He got 120 laps and there are 85 laps for him to run tomorrow. He should finish at 18:00. In the evening Ananda - Lahari showed us his fast laps after a long time.That is how he did a few more laps. At 23:35 he finished with 111 laps. Pali is still struggling. He walks during the day, but it is most important that he is moving forward. At 23:00 he had 76 laps. The afternoon heat slowed me down a little, but in the evening it was much better. I finished  with 116 laps.
    Christopher withdrew from the race after his conversation with the race director. He was suffering from injuries and there is no chance for him to finish the race this year. Therefore it was decided it would be better for him to withdraw from the race.

    Day 47: It was a hard day. The weather was hot and - particularly in the morning - very humid. We were soaked in sweat.  It was much easier for Grahak who finished the race at 18:00. He set his new personal best – shorter for nearly four days. Incredible performance which is even more fantastic if you consider that this was his third ultrarace. Before the 3100 mile race  last year, the longest distance he had ever run, was a 47 mile race.
    I was trying only to survive today, although in the end the day turned out quite well. At midnight I had 115 laps. Petr also slowed down a little and completed "only" 119 laps. But it will be soon over for him. He should finish on Saturday evening. Pali was truly suffering today. His digestion stopped and so he had no energy left for his legs. Finally he got 70 laps at 23:00. Ananda - Lahari was also suffering a little, but he had left before I asked him the number of his laps.

    Day 46: So it’s over for Pranab. He ran 3100 miles in 45 days 13:49:54, averaged 68.022 mile/day (109.47km/day). He completed 5000km in 45 days 16:31:38. He got more than one day ahead of his personal best and at the same time he set a newslovak best. Mr Igor Pokorny, Consul General of Slovakia in New York, with his family came to see his finish.
    For the rest of us today was like any other day, the only special thing about it was high humidity. I had a good day again. I felt strength in my legs and so once again I have had the best result since the first day. I completed 119 laps. Although roughly  from 22:30 to 23:15 I had a span of excessive sleepiness and I was running around the track with my eyes closed. Petr has had his best day since the beginning as well and he got 121 laps (and even finished as always - at 23:00). Ananda - Lahari had problems with his legs which were reluctant to obey him but he was satisfied with 98 laps. Pali had another hard day, his legs were not runnig and in the evening his soles started to burn. I don`t know how many laps he got because he disappeared before I managed to ask him. Grahak should finish tomorrow evening. He has only 91 laps left.

    Day 45: Asprihanal finished the race around 9.00. After a short break he added 13 more rounds to have 5000km. A hot day was awaiting the rest of us.
    As for the mileage this has been my best day ever - 118 rounds - even though I kept falling asleep in the last hour. For Pali it was again a day of struggle. His legs were not functioning properly and towards the evening his feet began to hurt again. At 23.00 he had 74 rounds. Peto kept his pace and at 23.00 he had 119 rounds. Ananda-Lahari also had some trouble so he was happy to have 103 rounds at 23.00. Pranab crossed the 3000 mile point in 45days and 7:27:27. He got unbelievable 135 rounds today. Tomorrow he has 109 rounds ahead of him to complete the race.
    We checked our weight today and I gained 4kg since the last check. Perhaps this was the reason why I was not able to keep the pace till the end in previous years.

    Day 44: Pali pointed out that I am writing nonsense on the webpage. Yesterday I wrote: “Asprihanal should finish on Tuesday around lunch and Pranab after him sometimes was sad”, which makes no sense, of course. (Note: the English translation in Day 43 was different, as we tried to guess what Pranjal might have meant.)I’ll try to explain how things like this happen. Quite often I fall asleep 2 or 3 times while writing one sentence. And sometimes I completely lose my train of thoughts.But now and then I happen to fall asleep and the text I planned to write, is still stuck in my head. However at the same time a new thought enters my half-asleep mind that pushes the original thought out and when I wake up at that moment, I don’t notice the change at all, but just write it down. So the sentence should go: “Asprihanal should finish on Tuesday morning and Pranab on Wednesday evening.”Pranab had another excellent day. At 23:25 he had 131 laps. I was a bit behind but at midnight I finished with 115 laps. Petr goes steadily at his own pace, at 23:00 he had 118 laps. Ananda-Lahari had another perfect day. On the other hand Pali had a very clear vision. Both of them disappeared before they could tell me the number of their laps.Asprihanal has 24 laps left for tomorrow.

    Day 43: The day started with rain and it was rainy till about 17.00. From time to time the rain took a break. Luckily the rain was never too heavy. Again I had an excellent day today, eventhough towards the evening I felt my legs were finished and I started to slow down. Still I managed to complete 117 rounds till midnight, the same as yesterday. Pranab also had an excellent day. At 23,20 he completed 132 rounds. After a long time also Ananda-Lahari had a great day for a change. In spite of looking tired like a dog he managed to get 114 rounds before 23.10. Peto was struggling and at 23.00 he had 114 rounds. Pali left already around 22.30, but I did not manage to ask him how many rounds he had. However he had a tough day. Asprihanal should finish on Tuesday around lunch time and Pranab is going to miss him.

    Day 42: The sixth week is over. I have had my best day since the first day of the race.  I ran 117 laps. I felt good enough to try and push it a little and it worked.
    Pranab and Petr had an excellent day, too.Both of them finished at 23:15, Pranab had 131 laps again and Petr had 120. Ananda - Lahari had disappeared before I asked  him how many laps he got. But in the morning he had problems with muscles and he had to walk. Pali ran almost till midnight and he finished with 92 laps.
    Smarana still  had some problems. He began with running but very soon switched to walking.
    I am falling asleep, so that’s it.

    Day 41: So finally I did those 4000km in the last lap yesterday evening ( I had made a mistake in my counting) and my time is 39 days 17 hours 59 min. It was sunny and hot all day. The first finishers were Petr and Pranab, they finished at 23:10. Petr had 119 laps and Pranab had 131 laps. A few minutes later Ananda - Lahari and Pali finished, both with 93 laps. Ananda - Lahari complained of  lack of energy today and Pali felt like a stranger to his body. But in the afternoon he was able to run. I was doing quite well today. Especially  after the break. In the end I was able to complete 114 laps until midnight. Smarana also had   difficulties with lack of energy today, so he was walking all day.

    Day 40: Since about 10 in the morning it has been raining heavily. After that it turned out a clear day and the sun started shining. Although Pranab said in the morning ( but he says this almost every morning ) that this day would be not about the miles and he would not push it, in the end he had 131 laps at 23:15. Pali had a good day, too and he finished at 23:30 with 96 laps. Ananda - Lahari and Petr ran also well but they disappeared sooner than I asked them about their mileage. I felt quite well with the exception of the morning  downpour. But I missed my usual speed so at midnight I had 111 laps. I’ve got enough for today, I’ll finish here .
    Petr finished 4000km today in 39 days 5 hours and 15 minutes. I have 4 laps to run tomorrow morning to reach this.

    Day 39: Day began with a downpour. Luckily it lasted only for an hour. The whole day remained cloudy and always on the brink of rain. But it did not rain till around 22:00. Tomorrow should be another rainy day. In spite of the weather most runners went on well. Pranab has even had his best mileage since the first day, 130 laps. Petr also had a good day (as usual). Till 23:00 he finished his 118 laps and went home. Palo had the same result as yesterday, 93 laps. Ananda - Lahari got to 100 laps at 23:20. I kept runnig till the end and finished with 111 laps. Yesterday I forgot to mention that Christopher after long-lasting injuries became dehydrated so they sent him home to have a one-day rest. He showed up in the early evening today. We will see if it the rest helped him.

    Day 38: The weather forecast luckily did not come true. It was rainng by lunch time and then the sky remained cloudy. I enjoy running today and till midnight I was able to get 113 laps. Pranab has his usual strength back and he had 129 laps at 23:20 again. Petr was doing well, too and he managed 118 laps at 23:00.
    Pali was runnig almost the whole day and at 23:20 he had  93 laps. Ananda – Lahari was also running and at 23:20 he had 100 laps. Pranab crossed the 4000 km point today in 37 days 5:22:17. We were weighed today. Only Pranab’s weight changed. He lost 3kg. The rest of us weigh the same. I have to finish writing because I am falling asleep.

    Day 37:The temperature has not dropped below 30°C for a week and tomorrow should be no exception - we expect the temperature to be around 33°C. We have almost forgotten the joy of running in pleasant weather. Today my running felt incomparably better than yesterday. I still have troubles to eat anything in such hot weather. I managed to get 111 rounds till midnight. Pranab stayed a little longer today and till 23.20 he had 129 rounds. Petr left at his usual 23.00 and had 118 rounds. Ananda-Lahari started at a very good pace (even though in the morning he was falling asleep) but in the evening his legs refused to cooperate and he had to walk but still by 23,20 he walked 92 rounds. Pali was also fighting sleep in the morning but in the end he managed 84 rounds by mere walking.Slowly, very slowly the goal is getting nearer. There are about two weeks till the end of the race. One starts to feel in the air. Next week the first runners will complete the race.


    Day 36: As soon as I woke up, I knew that something was wrong. I felt every muscle hurt in my body. It's the same feeling as when you have run 2 miles and your legs scream in protest, but in this case it was each and every muscle in my body screaming. I felt there's no energy in my muscles. After yesterday's hard day and lack of food because of stomach problem, this problem carried on today. After a few laps I lost all energy and I was forced to walk. After breakfast I got better but it lasted only for 1.5 hour. Then I had to walk again for a few hours. Later on - after lunch - I got better again. I tried to eat as much as the heat alowed me (another hot and humid day - 33°C). Then I was able to run again and I was fine in the evening. Under the circumstances I was satisfied with 104 laps. Pranab also had a problem with stomach and he had a problem with a blister on his little toe as well. In the end he was able to finish 124 laps at 23:10. Petr was fine again. It seems he does not mind the heat at all and he managed to complete 115 laps at 23:00. Pali finished the day together with him - it was another day of walking for Pali with 82 laps. Ananda -Lahari kept going till 23:30 and he had 95laps.



    Day 35: The fifth week behind us. This has been the hardest day for me so far. The heat was  horrible, but we were saved from the worst by breeze which was blowing. The very morning indicated what kind of day was coming. A wasp bit my foot! It flew under the tongue of my shoe, panicked and bit me. It became one of the small aches which joined the others. During the heat I decided to eat and I shouldn’t have. My stomach was unable to digest so I felt as if  I had a brick in my belly. In the evening I ran out of energy because I didn’t eat enough. That‘s why I was doomed to walking.  After all I was glad that I had 105 laps at midnight. It seems that the heat does not affect Petr at all. At 23:00 he had 115 laps. Pranab suffered quite a lot today. He had a problem with his stomach as well but he was able to finish at 23:10  with121 laps. Pali had another regenerative day. He finished at 23:00 with 79 laps. Ananda - Lahari mixed walking and running and kept runnig till midnight when he had 99 laps.

    Day 34: The hottest day by now. The weather forecast promised temperature of 34°C but because of humidity the impression of 39°C. And it seems weather prediction was right. My main goal was to survive. At about 15:00, when the heat peaked,  I was as slow as a snail, but my heartbeat was as fast as if I was runnig two mile race. So I was quite suprised, that at the end of the day I managed 110 laps. Pranab complained that he was sleepy, but  in the end his mileage was not affected by it at all. At 23:10 he had 126 laps. It seems that Peto does not mind  the heat. At 23:00 he had 116 laps Ananda - Lahari felt slightly better today than yesterday and so his running and walking led to 103 laps at 23:10. Pali took it easy today, he decided to give some rest to his muscles. He had two long breaks and he finished at 22:15 with 70 laps.Sopan will not come back on track anymore ( in this year ). The race director decided that he will not continue in this race. Even though the magnetic resonance did not show anything serious, his biggest problem is a pulled muscle on his back. Even now, after two days of rest, he could not walk absolutely upright.
    Tomorrow we expect even hotter day - 35°C.

    Day 33: A hot and hard day. Almost for everybody. It seems that Pranab does not mind the heat because he ran 130 laps. Peto also did well and he finished at 23:00 with 116 laps. Pali went home earlier at  22:15 and he had 77 laps. He said that he felt that his legs did not belong to him as if he had no legs at all. He was not able to run anylonger. Ananda - Lahari according to his own words had a hard day, but anyway finished with 103 laps at 23:00. I personally sufferd since midday. I did not feel like eating in this hot weahter and when I ate something, it took all my energy away (to my stomach) and I was just hanging around like a zombie :o) So at the and I was happy that I managed to  finish at 23:55 with 110 laps.
    They kept Shopan in hospital all day. Tomorrow he will have his back scanned by magnetic resonance, so the doctors will be sure, they did not miss anything.

    Day 32: A hot day. Temperatures about 30°C, that would be a problem at the beginning, does not seem so unbearable now. But they say it will be 33°C tomorrow. Everybody is keeping to his or her own standard. Pranab finished at 23:15 with 125 laps. Ananda-Lahari and Pavol finished at the same time, Pavol with 93 laps and Ananda-Lahari with 103 laps. Petr finished at 23:00 as usual and he had 115 laps. I slowed down, but one minute before midnight I had 115 laps.

    Today we were weighed. Ananda.Lahari, Pranab and Petr have the same weight, but I lost 3 kg and Pavol lost 2 kg.

    Petr and I crossed the 2000 mile point, Petr in 31 days 12:22:07 and I in 31 days 16:28:31. Today it was decided that Sopan has to be examined by a doctor, because his back and muscle problems last too long. He was taken to hospital and they kept him in overnight for observation. His blood results were very bad. We shall see what happens tomorrow..


    Day 31: First day of the hot day series which should stay until Saturday. Today Petr was very fast and came up to 119 laps after 23:00. Pranab had also a very good day, he finished with 126 laps after 23:00. Ananda-Lahari was not doing his sprints today. He was walking and running, but in spite of that he had 100 laps. Pavol, on the other hand, was only walking. His legs did not work. He had 87 laps at 23:15. I was fine all day. The morning drowsiness became more of a fact than a problem. I finished with 113 laps at 23:55.

    Today Pranab crossed the 2000 mile point in 30 days 4 hours 40 min and 45 sec. Tomorrow evening Petr and I should also join the club. One feels much better when the first digit on the board is 2.


    Day 30: A month of running has passed.Today it did not begin well. The rain had a perfect timing. It started pouring in the middle of the first lap and went on until 10am. This did not deter Ananda-Lahari from his morning sprints. But it left marks on him, so in the afternoon he had to walk. At last he had 113 laps at 23:00, anyway. Petr was doing quite well all day, but he disappeared before I could ask him about his laps. Pavol was also running well, but in the evening his stomach betrayed him. He finished at 23:20 with 112 laps. Pranab had 124 laps at 23:10. I was slowed down by the morning rain so I finished at 23:20 with 112 laps. Smarana continued walking also today. Petr and I crossed the 3000 km point. He did it in 29 days 10 hours 53 min and I in 29 days 12 hours 41 min.

    Day 29: A difficult day for more runners. Asprihanal, like yesterday, had to walk in the evening. Smarana had a problem with his blister and a tendon of his foot. He was walking all day, wearing only a sole of his shoe taped to his foot. Pranab also complained, but he finished with 124 laps at 23:10. Ananda-Lahari started to shock everybody again with his 4 minute laps. He finished at 23:10 with 124 laps. Petr had pains in his thigh muscles, but he had 123 laps at 23:00 in spite of that. I lost my energy in the evening and had to walk for an hour. I finished at 23:55 with 113 laps. Pavol was doing quite well, he had 101 laps at 23:35. Today Pranab crossed 3000 km point in 28 days 4:56:23. Petr and me will join him tomorrow in the evening.

    Day 28: Fourth week has passed. A hot, dry and windy day. Several runners complained of a bad day. Even Asprihanal had to walk in the evening. Pranab also complained of a hard day, but he had 125 laps at 23:00. Petr looked fine, but I do not know how many laps he did. He disappeared before I could ask him. Ananda-Lahari was running nearly all day. He finished at 23:00 with 100 laps. Pavol had quite a good day, too, but he had to run until 23:58 to have 97 laps. I had an average morning but in the evening I had to walk, I did not have enough energy. I finished a few seconds before midnight with 113 laps.

    Day 27: Another hot day, but luckily with not much humidity. Pranab slowed down to get „only“ 128 laps. Petr ran very well all day, but in the evening he was slowed down again by the thigh muscle pains. Even so he could get 112 laps until 23:00. Ananda-Lahari was running during the day, but in the evening his legs hurt so much that he had to slow down to get 98 laps until 23:00. Pavol took a long time to start running in the morning, but then re ran quite fast. He finished at 23:15 with 93 laps. I was quite fine, only at 14:00 I got a crises and had to walk. I finished at 23.59 with 114 laps.

    Today I broke a record in how long it takes me to destroy one pair of shoes. It was Asics GT2310 and lasted 18 hours or 100 km. This year I have bad luck with shoes. Last year I wore out 9-10 pairs and this year it is already 8,5.


    Day 26: A nice day. The sun was blazing all day, but a soothing wind was blowing and it was not at all humid. Pranab is losing control over his running. At least, this is what I told him when he said that he has 130 laps at 23:00. He said that he will probably have to slow down a little. Pavol and Ananda-Lahari felt better. They could both run today. Ananda-Lahari finished at 23:00 with 98 laps and Pavol stayed until 23:30 to get 100 laps. Peter has had problems today. His quadriceps started to hurt and in the evening also his back, so he had to walk. In spite of that he finished at 22:45 with 104 laps. I was fine in the morning, but in the afternoon in the dry hot weather I forgot to drink properly and I had to pay for it. I ran out of energy and for 2 hours I had to walk and run. Diganta has had a problem with his knee for a few days. Sopan does not feel pain, but his back is blocked and it is difficult for him to control his leg muscles. They were walking. Today Christopher started to have a problem with his foot and leg, he was also walking.

    Day 25: Today we had a good luck. It was cloudy all day, but verye humid. Pavol was struggling with sleepiness since the morning. His feet did not want to run, he had to walk. And thus it was easier to fall asleep. At 11:00 he saw it was no use pushing and took an early break. In the afternoon he was mostly walking with Ananda-Lahari whose legs also did not obey. In the evening there was a short but very intense storm. It was like if somebody opens a swimming pool over you. It lasted only 15 minutes, but we were all drenched to the skin. Petr said that he was also struggling and it was a nice surprise for him to finish with 115 laps at 23:00. Ananda-Lahari went home already at 22:45. He was only staggering through the last laps. He did 87 laps. Pavol finished at 23:00 with 81 laps. Pranab went to 128 laps at 23:00. I was also sleepy in the morning. In the end, partly because of the rain, I had 114 laps one minute before midnight. Yesterday I forgot to mention that Pranab and Grahak crossed the halfway point. Smarana did it this morning, Petr and I in the evening. We are going downhill. Yesterday we were weighed. We are losing faster. I lost 4 kg last week, Pranab 3 kg, Petr 2 kg (I do not know where from), Ananda-Lahari has the same weight and Pavol even gained 1 kg. It is probably because of his losing so much in the first week.

    Day 24: A hot and wet day. Pavol and Ananda-Lahari had one more hard day. Their feet did not work, they had to walk most of the day. Only in the evening they started running. At 23:00 Pavol finished with 92 laps, but I do not know about Ananda-Lahari. Petr complained of a hard day, but he finished with 118 laps at 23:00. Pranab had to run in his white suit in the afternoon. I did not envy him. But he said it is nice because the wind can blow through. I thought that it will be tough a tough day for me, because I was falling asleep. Only after the break at 15:00 I woke up. I finished at 23:40 with 114 laps. The day was also good for Abichal, he finished with 113 laps.

    Day 23: This morning was cloudy but very humid. Today Pavol finally started to run and went on for the whole day. We hope this will stay with him until the end. He has had enough problems so far. He finished with equanimity at 22:30 with 99 laps. Ananda-Lahari was also doing well, though he complained of sore muscles. He finished at 23:00 with106 laps. Pranab started to have the heat rush again and so when the afternoon sun came out, he had to run in his long trousers. He finished as usually, at 23:00 with 126 laps. He is now the fastest runner on the track. Even Asprihanal had small problems in the evening and had to walk. But the short crises do not stay with him, in a day he si fine again, running 70 miles a day. Petr looked fine as always, but he told me that it was a hard day. He finished at 22:45 wit h113 laps. The mileage itself cannot show if the day was good or not. Sometimes 111 laps is fine and sometimes it is all blood. Everything accumulates in us gradually. Tiredness, pain and lack of sleep leave their marks not only on the physical but also on the psychic. Everything is on the fringe. Both physical and the psychic. One moment you laugh, next moment you would rather hit someone. Sometimes you need very little to burst out. An unmindful child runs in your way and you would throw him over the fence at that moment. It is something which belongs to the race and you have to learn how to handle it. Otherwise it will destroyed you. I have just had a day like that. Physically (at least for the first part of the day) I was OK. But psychically I was suffering and as I found out later in the evening, I was not alone. Then it turned round. I was OK psychically but physically not OK. I lost all my energy and had to walk for the last 3 hours. But I walked quite fast, so at 23:30 I had 111 laps. I was tempted to stay a little longer, but then I decided to go to bed a little sooner. Diganta had the same problem as Pavol had yesterday. His feet were absolutely weak and unable to run. He had to walk all day. Abichal had similar problems as I. He had quite a good mileage, but he suffered inwardly. Inner problems usually stay hidden deep inside. But you can bet everybody has them.

    Day 22: We had a nice cloudy weather all day. Compared with yesterday I was doing much better, especially in the evening. I still have the blister that I got a week ago. It is right in the middle of my sole, in the place I hit with every step. It hurts and slows down the healing process. But everybody has something. Only it requires quite a long time and much care in the evening. I finished at 23:45 with 114 laps. Ananda-Lahari finished at 23:55 with 111 laps. His shin splint does not bother him any more and he can run again. Pranab had 126 laps at 23:30 and Peter had 115 at the same time. Pavol had no energy in his feet and had to walk. I tried to tell him to take it easy for one day, so that his body can recover. He told me that the cause of his problems could be the dehydration at the beginning of the race. He finished at 22:00 with 67 laps. In the evening I spoke with Ananda-Lahari how nice it is to have 5 hours of sleep. We usually sleep 4 or 4,5 hours. We were so enthusiastic about it until Ananda-Lahari reminded me that we are speaking about 5 hours of sleep as if it was 11 pm. Everything is relative.

    Day 21: Third week is over. It was a hard day, at least for me. Although at the beginning did not seem so. When we started in the morning, it was raining, but then it stopped and stayed cloudy. And very humid. I could run very well in the morning. It seemed I could run more laps than yesterday. But then in the afternoon, I started to feel tired. I thought maybe I pushed too much and now I have to pay for it. I was waiting for my break at 15:00. But it did not get better. After 18:00 I had to walk. But luckily it lasted only an hour and then I could run again slowly. Then after 100 laps I got another crisis, this time a psychic one. I had enough of everything, I did not like running any more. Every lap seemed to last incredibly long. I was unimaginably happy when I finished at 23:30 with 111 laps. Ananda-Lahari finished with the same result. He had quite a good day. Pavol also had a good day, he had 92 laps. Petr finished at 23:00 with115 laps. Pranab is probably the fastest runner today, he finished at 23:30 with 124 laps. I have enough of it...I am going to sleep.

    Day 20: Independence Day. Probably most important day for the Americans. We expected big parties everywhere, as in previous years, but it was cloudy with showers since the morning. In the evening it started raining which drove away even the toughtest ones. This evening Pranab, Peter and I crossed the 2000 km point. Our daily average is 100 km which is really good. Ananda-Lahari and Pavol crossed the 1000 km today. At long last Ananda-Lahari could run again. It seems he has hit the bottom and is going up. He finished at 23:00 with 112 laps. Petr ran well in the morning, but then his sore knee slowed him down. Also the rain did not make it easy for us. I do not know when he disappeared and how many laps he had. Pavol did not have any pains today, but he told me he did not feel his legs and could not make them run. He walked all day to get 85 laps at 23:15.Pranab did very well again. In the end he told me he has had enough of it, but he did 125 laps till 23:15. I went well in spite of the rain. I finished at 23:45 with116 laps.


    Day 19: A hot day of 32°C. Today Pranab got a special running suit for those who are sensitive of the sun. He could try it right away. It is all white. I was teasing him that he looks like a patient who escaped from the hospital. I could imagine the scene, how an ambulance stops by him, two men in whites get off and try to put him in a tight jacket. He is shouting: „I am not a fool! I only run 3100 miles here.“ „Right“, they say, „but your friend Napoleon is waiting for you in his room.“ Maybe because of this suit Pranab could run 127 laps by 23:00. Pavol also started running very well today. His feet did not hurt, so he got 98 laps till 23:15. Ananda-Lahari alternatively ran and walked also today. His shin splint seems to be healing. At 23:00 he had 93 laps. I felt quite well in the morning, but as it got hotter at noon, it became worse. I could not even eat my lunch. But in the evening, when the weather cooled down, it was much better. Stutisheel has had a big problem today. He probably ate or drank something bad yesterday. He had stomach problems and that took all his energy away. He could hardly walk all day.

    Day 18: Today Pranab was shining again. Although he complained in the morning that everything hurts him, and said it will be weak today, he finished at 23:00 with 127 laps. Petr is very consistent in his running. He finished at 23:00 with118 laps. Ananda-Lahari started running, but in the evening it hurt him so much that he had to walk again. At about 23:00 he had 86 laps. Pavol had absolutely no energy in the morning, but then he recovered and started to run. In the afternoon his foot started to hurt again, so he had to walk again. In the evening he was running in spite of the pain and finished at 23:40 with 92 laps. I was terribly sleepy in the morning. I woke up only before lunch. In the evening I felt OK and I ran until 23:55 to get 114 laps. Sopan was treated by a chiropractor and in the afternoon he slowly started to run. Suprabha has also passed 1000 miles today. (Only Ananda-Lahari and Pavol remained.) Her daily mileage is about 55, more than half of the runners in 6 and 10 day race were able to do.

    Day 17: Sunny weather, but not too hot. Pranab had another perfect day. The day off he had to take was good for him. He finished at 23:00 with 127 laps. Ananda-Lahari also finished walking at 23:00 with 81 laps. His shin splint is not getting better, but that has no impact on his good mood. In the afternoon Pavol started to run. He said it was for the first time when he does not feel any pain. But in the evening he was walking because of his sore feet. He finished before 23:00. I could not find out how many laps he had. Petr finished at the same time,easily getting 115 laps. I lost much time taking care of my blisters. They do not hurt any more, but when I stop, they are always full of liquid. It seemed that I can easily get 114 laps, but in the lap 105 or so my shin started to hurt, so I finished with 111 laps at 23:40. Sopan had a problem with a slid backbone disc which totally switched off his leg muscles.  Today there was a short article about 3100 mile race in Daily News.

    Day 16: In the evening Pranab, Petr and I crossed the 1000 mile mark. Pranab had another perfect day. He finished at 23:10 wit h128 laps (70 miles). Petr also had a good day. He looked fine all day and finished at 23:00 with 117 laps. Ananda-Lahari decided to break my record in the length of shin splint. I was suffering from it for 10 days and in the next 10 days still I felt it. Now he has had it for 8 days already. He went on until 23:00 to get 82 laps. Pavol has strained ligaments on his toe for a change. Another problem on the list he has to deal with. He finished before 23:00 with 78 laps. I was slowed down by my yesterday´s blisters. They were painful and in the afternoon they grew very big. I had to run until the very last minute to get 110 laps.

    Day 15: One of those days you wish it finished before it has started. It was hot and humid. I was sleepy all the morning. In the afternoon I started to feel a blister on my foot. As yesterday, at 18:00 it started to rain, but only a little. The blister hurt and I felt more of them are coming. Then I lost all my energy and had to walk for an hour. I finished at 23:50 with 111 laps and 4-5 blisters, three of them painful. Nothing happened for 2 weeks and now this. Pranab started to run strong after yesterday´s „resting day“. He finished around 23:30 with 126 laps. Peter went well, too, and did 116 laps till 23:00. Ananda-Lahari was trying to run in the morning, but very soon he found out that his shin splint is not ready for that. He finished at 23:00 with 76 laps. Pavol had an energy crisis in the morning and in the evening his feet were all in pain. He was walking most of the time, so he finished at 22:30 with 74 laps.

    Day 14: Two weeks of the race have passed. Today Pranab had to see the doctor. His blisters did not get better and keep multiplying. So it was decided that he visits a doctor to know exactly what it is. In the morning he did 3 laps and then he was waiting at home until somebody comes and takes him to the doctor. The doctor said thai it is a combination of his reaction to the sun and sun protecting cream. He gave him some medicaments and an ointment and told him that he can run. At about 19:00 he was back at the race and until 23:30 he was able to run 37 laps. Ananda-Lahari still has a shin splint, so he continued walking. He did 78 laps until 23:00. Pavol was also walking most of the day. First his knee hurt and by the evening also his feet. He had 87 laps at 23:30. I felt better than yesterday, although it was even warmer than yesterday. In the evening at 18:00 there was a thunderstorm with a torrential rain lasting 30 minutes. I finished with 114 laps at 23:45. Peter was fine for the whole day and finished at 23:00 with 117 laps. Christopher got a shin splint for a change and it kept him walking.

    Day 13: A hard day. This was the first hot and wet day. I felt as if somebody hit my had with a sack. Only at 17:00 I started to feel and run better. But I had to stay until 23:55 to have 114 laps. Anada-Lahari had another walking day. The shin splint still hurts. He finished after 23:00 with 82 laps. Pavol still suffter from all his injuries. In the morning it was his left knee, then total lack of energy and in the evening his right knee that made him walk most of the day. He finished at 23:30 with 86 laps. It is unbelievable how well he can handle this. From the very beginning he is not able to run and he is in constant pains, but he does not give up and keeps going. Peter was quite well today, although he still is about to get a shin splint. He finished at 23:00 with 112 laps. Pranab had a very difficult day. For several days his arms and legs have been covered with blisters filled with a liquid, some of them as big as as a coin (a quarter). Probably it is a skin sun stroke. Therefore he was running even in the hottest part of the day in running pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt. To make it worse, in the evening he started to have problems with his ankle, so he finished at 22:45 with 103 laps.

    Day 12: I was fine since this morning. My feet felt strong, so right after 23:30 I had 116 laps. Pranab finished at 23:00 with 122 laps, together with Peter (111 laps). Ananda-Lahari finished at 22:45 with 76 laps. He started to run a little, if we can call running what he was doing. It was more like dancing :-). Pavol also walked most of the time and finished before 23:45 with 91 laps. Today Pranab´s sister Padapa went home. She was helping us since the beginning of the race and we are very grateful to her for that. In the afternoon Kamil Kozub came to replace her for some time. Kamil ran his first multiday race in April (6-day race here in New York). Sopan started to run this afternoon after Pranab had told him what to do with his sore blister. He has been suffering from it for a few days. Abichal had another walking day. He is waiting for his ankle to recover.

    Day 11:
    A hard day. It was rather hot but the highest temperatures are still ahead of us. I was running consistently, but my legs constantly felt tired. I had to stay until 23:40 to get 114 laps. Pranab was leaving at 23:00 with 118 laps. Together with him went Pavol with 86 laps. He had another walking day. The outer side of his foot still hurts. Ananda-Lahari´s shin splint did not improve, he had to walk all day. He left at 22:00 to give his leg more time for healing. He had 79 laps. In the afternoon Peter was also walking because of the beginning shin splint. He did 98 laps until 22:15. In general, many people walked today. Abichal has a shin splint too, Christopher has stomach problems, Sopan has a blister in the middle of his foot. Asprihanal started running, but it is not the speed we are used to.

    Day 10: It seems that today more runners started to have problems. Ananda-Lahari is still healig his shin splint. He walked 80 laps until evening. It looks that Abichal and Christopher got a shin splint, too. They had to walk most of the day. Peter also started to feel it and had to slow down. He finished at 22:45 with 112 laps. Asprihanal had a stomach problem today and had to walk in the evening. Pranab was quite pushing today. He finished at 23:00 with 122 laps. I had quite a good day and finished with 114 laps before 23:30 together with Pavol who walked most of his day (88 laps). We were weighed today, I lost about 2 kg, but Ananda-Lahari gained 1 kg.

    Day 9: The weather was nice. In spite of the forecasted rain, only a few drops fell. But it was rather wet, especially in the morning. Ananda-Lahari´s shin splint got worse. He tried to run, but in the afternoon he had to walk. Even so, he takes everything with a smile. He finished after 22:00 with 84 laps. Pavol was struggling also today. He has a painful arch, he was walking most of the time. He finished at 23:15 with 90 laps. Peter finished at 23:00 with 114 laps. Pranab finished right after him with 117 laps. Today also Christopher had problems. Nothing he has eaten could stay longer in his stomach.

    Day 8: Pavol had a hard day today. Although his knees got better, he started to have pains in his ankle. He had to walk. He finished after 23:30 with 88 laps. He has had bad luck since the beginning. Some injuries keep coming, all the time. But fortunately this race is long enough for him to recover and start to work on his mileage. Ananda-Lahari has got a shin splint. He was very excited about it, because he has never had one before. He was walking for the rest of the day and finished at 23:00. (I do not know how many laps he had.) Pranab and Peter had both another good day. They finished at the same time, Pranab with 120 laps and Peter with 118. Pranab´s yesterday´s shin splint disappeared. Good for him. I had a hard morning, because I was falling asleep all the time. It was not until noon that I recovered and after the break I was OK. I finished with 114 laps at 23:30. Smarana had big problems today, something with his back. He was slowly walking all day. Diganta is also having problems with his knee, for a couple of days. He spent most of the day walking, too.

    Day 7: One week is over. I had quite a successful day. I was running well, only in the evening I felt weary (and I still feel this way, so I will be quick). I finished at 23:30 with 116 laps. Pranab also had a good day. He finished at 23:30 with 122 laps. Now at home he complained of a beginning shin splint. I hope he recovers by the morning. Also Peter had a perfect day. At 23:00 he finished with 118 laps. He has been using a hip belt for the last two days and it seems to work. He mileage is good. Ananda-Lahari was walking most of the day. His all body was aching, but before midnight he had 111 laps. Pavol also had a walking day. But in the evening he realized the reason of his problems: dehydration. Therefore he feels cold and therefore.. I forgot what. Today I am dead, every sentence takes at least five minutes. Pavol was running until the very end, but I forgot how many laps he had (98?).

    Day 6: Nice weather again, only at 23:45 it started to rain. It caught me in the last lap. Ananda-Lahari and Pavol stayed two more laps and enjoyed it a little longer. After a brisk morning, Ananda-Lahari  had quite a slow afternoon and evening. Finally he did 111 laps. Pavol discovered that if he keeps his knees warm, they hurt less. So at 28°C (today´s temperature) he was running in his track suit. He was pushing till the end and did 113 laps. An excellent day for Peter who finished at 22:45 with 120 laps.A few minutes after him finished Pranab with 118 laps. He got a heatrush all over his legs. It is a small rush that itches a lot. It can be also filled with liquid. I had quite good day. I finished at 23:30 with 114 laps. An excellent day for Abichal, he did 120 laps till 23:30. Even Stutisheel started running after several days. A weaker day forDiganta who had problems with his knee.

    Day 5: The weather is nice, although some runners complained that it is cold (28°C is cold for Pavol). Compared with yesterday, my day was wonderful. I was running since the morning without any problems. I finished before 23:30 with 116 laps. Pranab also went without any bigger problems, at 22:45 he had 118 laps. Peter had a difficult afternoon, he started to have pains in his hip. When he was leaving at 22:45, he looked quite tired, but he did 111 laps anyway. Pavol looked good in the morning, but towards the evening his both knees started to hurt. The left one became swallen, so he changed the insoles and then he could run again for an hour. But afterwards until 23:35 he had to walk. He did 103 laps. I am falling asleep, see you tomorrow.

    Day 4: This was quite a difficult run for me.Even during the day I had some problems when I had to walk. Simply I did not have any strength. In the evening I walked for the last 3-4 hours and I was happy that I finished with 112 laps until 23:30. The other boys also suffered more than they would like to. Pranab had sore muscles and Pavol started to have pains in the other knee. In spite ot that, both of them finished with 116 laps, Pranab at 22:30 and Pavol at 23:30. Ananda-Lahari finished at 22:30 with 115 laps. Peter finished a little before him with 114-115 laps. All the runner´s performances are quite balanced, except Asprihanal, of course.

    Day 3: The weather was very nice today. It was sunny and not too hot. Time, at least for me, went very fast.  I felt quite OK, only in the evening I felt without energy for an hour. But at last I finshed with 115 laps at 23:00. Pavol had an excellent day,  for the first time he could run all day. Yesterday´s chiropractor apparently helped him. He finished after 22:30 with 117 laps. He was smiling and looking good all the time. Pranab did also very well and finished at the same time with 120 laps. It seems he is slowly getting better. Peter (according to him, but it did not seem so) had a harder day. He had a hip pain, but even with that he was able to run 115 laps. Ananda-Lahari was walking and running today, but always with a smile (as nearly always). He finished with about 120 laps. It was a hard day for Stutisheel who had to walk all day, but as I know him, he will soon run again. Smarana and Diganta were also walking, but they are both strong runners and covered a good distance. Today was also weighing day. I thought I were a little lighter, but probably I have to wait a bit. I was 210 pounds (about 95 kg). Pavol, on the other hand, complained, that he had already lost 5 kg. He was only 75 kg. He even suspected the scale that did not show the right weight.

    Day 2:
    Today was a hard day for most of the runners. After yesterday´s excellent performance running was more difficult. Even Asprihanal and Smarana had to walk in the evening. Only Ananda-Lahari and Peter were exceptions who looked as if they did not feel yesterday´s miles. Peter went more slowly in the morning, but then he started running and finished after 22:30 with 120 laps. Ananda-Lahari finished right after 23:00 with 128 laps, only 2 laps less than yesterday. Pranab was also slower but steady and he finished with118 laps after 22:30. Pavol´s knee did not improve, he had to walk most of the time. In spite of that he finished with 112 laps. I had stomach problems since morning and it drained my energy, so I was very sleepy until 15:00 when I usually have a break. Then I somehow recovered and I could run better. In the evening a chiropractic came. He was really good. I did not know  I have so many bones in my body. He worked on Pavol´s knee as well, so let us hope he will feel better tomorrow. Today´s forecasted rain did not happen. The morning was cloudy, and in the afternoon it cleared out. Only a few drops fell after 19:00. But it  was quite windy.

    Day 1: When we same to the start, we had a nice surprise. Abichal was there. After all the problems, he succeeded in getting to New York. So we are 14 now. Because of  the all-night rain, the morning was quite wet. We were all sweating, but most af all probably me. Palo had problems with his knee tendon since the morning. He has been suffering from it for a few months. After a few laps his knee hurt so much that he had to walk and even stop many times. After a few hours it got better, so he could run with clenched teeth. But in the afternoon it was not possible and he had to walk for the rest of the day. You can think of him, so that he gets better. Others kept a good pace since the morning, it was visible that they are well-prepared. Asprihanal was literally flying on the course. He has unbelievable pace. In the afternoon the humidity went down, but the sun started shining and it was quite hot. I had quite a good day and so did the others, only in the evening tiredness came.  Peto finished after 10 pm with about 130 laps. Palo, in spite of his walking day had unbelievable 114 laps (about 100 km). He finished before 10:30. Pranab finished at 10:45 with 134 laps and closely after him Ananda-Lahari with 29-130 laps. I kept on until 11 pm with 135 laps. Asprihanal was still running and it seemed he wanted to get 90 miles. Tomorrow looks like another rainy day. I will post  today´s results tomorrow.

    Day -1: One day to the start. This morning, right next to the place where we will start tomorrow, has been 2 miles race. Most of the 3100 miles runners have been participating. On first three places out of the 50 runners have been 3100 miles runners. Winner was Christopher from Switzerland, second Ananda-Lahari from Slovakia a third Petr from Czech Republic. It looks like they are in good shape. Still we have a hot weather here in New York, but there should be some thunderstorms this evening and night, but tomorrow it should be hot again. So tomorrow at 6am journey starts.

    Day -2:
    Two days to the start. Even organizers are finishing. Today they were cleaning the kitchen. There will be Slovakian cook Anna Prieložná from Trenčín, so we will have homelike food. In the afternoon we had a meeting all the runners with press and people from some official institutions. There were also Slovakian General Consul Mr. Igor Pokorný and Czech Ambassador at the UN Mr. Martin Palouš. Mr. Pokorný has promised to come to the Sunday start. I got some mails from some American runners today. Some of them would like to come to visit us. So for anyone who will be passing New York and want to see group of crazy people running on the 900m long loop for almost two months, there is a map, where you can find us.

    Day -3:
       There are three days to the start of the 12th annual 3100 Miles Race. Start is on Sunday June 15th 2008. There is a tropical heat in New York already. On Tuesday when I have arrived there was 35°C. Today temperature went down under 30°C. Slowly all the runners are arriving. Ananda-Lahari, last of the Slovaks, is arriving today. Pranab, Petr Sacil and Pavol Saraz are here from Monday. This year there will be 13 runners on the start. There are their profiles:

    SuprabhaSuprabha Beckjord, 52, Washington DC USA
    Suprabha is one of the most prolific super-long distance runners in the world. She is the only eleven-time finisher in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, and still the only female competitor. Her best is 49 days, 14 hours for 3100 miles. In the decade of the nineties, she compiled 20,108 multiday racing miles in 14 multiday events. She is the American women’s record holder for 700, 1000 and 1300 miles. She is only one of three people ever to finish the 1300 mile race three times or more. She was first woman in the 1996 Sri Chinmoy 2700 Mile Race, third overall out of six people, establishing new records beyond 1300 miles up to 2700 miles. Suprabha won the Sri Chinmoy Seven-Day race five times earlier in her career, and has held the women’s world record for 1000 miles as well. She has a six-day best of 459 miles, seventh ranking all-time for women. She owns a gift shop in Washington,DC., and has been a member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team for many years.

    AsprihanalAsprihanal Pekka Alto, 37, Helsinki, Finland
    One of the best endurance runners in the world, Asprihanal is ranked second all-time for 3100 miles (43 days 4 hours). Last year he won the 3100 miler for the fourth time in seven finishes. He averaged 71.78 miles per day. In 2006 he also ran an amazing streak of 23 straight days at over 70 miles each day.

    PranabPranab Vladovic, 32, Bratislava, Slovakia

    Pranab finished third in 2007 in another personal best (46 days, 14 hours) averaging 66.54 miles per day, which would have broken the world record i fit were eight years earlier! Instead he is ranked fourth all-time.

    SmaranaSmarana Puntigam, 37, Vienna, Austria

    Last year Smarana set the new Austrian record of 48 days, 4 hours while finishing the 3100 miler for the sixth time. He averaged 64.35 miles and is ranked eighth all-time.

    Ananda-LahariAnanda-Lahari Zuscin, 33, Kysak, Slovakia

    Last year Ananda-Lahari finished fifth in 49 days, 14 hours, just two hours off his best. In 2006, he set a personal best of 49 days, 14 hours reaching his goal 8 days, 21 hours faster than his previous finish.

    Grahak CunninghamGrahak Cunningham, 31, Melbourne, Australia

    Last year Grahak, in his first attempt, finished 3100 miles in 50 days, 3 hours, setting a new Australian record.

    Diganta Andhikari PobitzerDiganta Adhikari Pobitzer, 28, Innsbruck, Austria

    In 2006 Diganta Adhikari finished the 3100 miler for second time in 50 days 11 hours.

    StutisheelStutisheel Lebedyev, 38, Kiev, Ukraine

    Last year Stutisheel ran his personal best of 50 days, 13 hours for 3100 miles. He ranked eighteenth all-time.

    Sopan TsekovSopan Tsekov, 27, Sofia, Bulgaria

    In 2006, Sopan set a personal best of 50 days, 13 hours for 3100 milse. He ranked eighteenth all-time.

    PranjalPranjal Milovnik, 35, Bratislava, Slovakia

    Last year Pranjal finished the 3100 miler in eight place in 52 days, 7 hours, his third finish of the distance

    Petr SpáčilPetr Spacil, 29, Brno, Czech Republic

    Last year Peter finished his first 3100 mile race in 52 days, 12 hours, only a few weeks after winning the 10 day race in May with a total of 670 miles.

    Abichal WatkinsAbichal Watkins, 47, Pontypool, Wales UK
    Last year, Abichal ran a personal best of 55 days,three hours for 3100 miles- his fourth finish. In 2004,Abichal became the first runner from the United Kingdom to complete the 3100 miler, finishing in 55 days, 8 hours, an average of 56+ miles per day. In 2005 he finished in 57 days,12 hours. In 2006 he made it three in a row, finishing in 58 days,16 hours. In 2003, with little time for preparation, Abichal entered the race and ran 2747 miles in 53 days, averaging 52.01 miles (84.02 km) per day. In thirteen years of running, Abichal has completed 35 ultras, including eight Ten-Day races. In 2002 he ran 827 miles in the 1000 mile race. Abichal is an aspiring poet,with six books of his works in print. He is also the editor of the website: Multidays.com., and editor of the Multiday Running magazine, which is published in the UK.

    Christopher MullauerChristopher Mullauer, 35, Zurich, Switzerland

    This will be Christopher’s first attempt at 3100 miles. He has run 18 ultras including five multidays.

    Pavol SárazPavol Saraz, 32, Komjatice, Slovakia

    This will be Pavol’s first try at the world’s longest footrace. He has been running for eight years and has run 20 ultras and 7 multidays.

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    1. Ryoichi Sekiya, JPN, 23:48:24
    2. Lars Christofferse, DAN, 24:31:45
    3. Jon Berge, NOR, 25:09:38

    10. Slavomír Lindvai, SVK, 27:16:10

    1. Sumie Inagaki, JPN, 27:39:49
    2. Yoshido Matsuda, JPN, 31:16:12
    3. Lisa Bliss, USA, 32:23:26

    11.05.2009: Self-Transcendence 12+24 Stunden-Lauf Basel
    24-hodinový beh

    1. Kai Horschig, GER, 212,686km
    2. Ananda-Lahari Zuščín, SVK, 209,747km
    3. Victor Rodionov, LAT, 209,121km

    1. Carmen Hilderbrand, GER, 207,390km
    2. Nicole Kresse, GER, 176,358km
    3. Ramona Thevenet-Smith, GBR, 166,224km

    12-hodinový beh

    1. Simon Schmid, SUI, 129,120km
    2. Udo Stossberger, GER, 127,512km
    3. Grigire Cilipic, MDA, 127,370km

    1. Regina Berger-Schmitt, GER, 111,331km
    2. Caroline Girod, SUI, 98,300km
    3. Belinda Eckert, GER, 96,309km

    05.05.2009: IAU 24h World Challenge, Bergamo, Taliansko
    1. Henrik Olson, SWE, 257,042km
    2. Ralf Weis, GER, 244,492km
    3. Yuji Sakai, JPN, 242,713km

    29. Petr Dostálek, CZE, 213,466km
    34. Slavomír Lindvai, SVK, 208,898km
    39. Miroslav Osladil, CZE, 206,233km
    64. František Gállik, SVK, 183,951km
    74. Martin Huncovský, CZE, 177,319km
    137. Ján Bujňák, SVK, 52,161km

    1. Anne-Cecile Fontaine, FRA, 243,644km
    2. Brigitte Bec, FRA, 234,977km
    3. Monica Casiraghi, ITA, 223,848km

    38. Martina Nemečková, CZE, 175,098km
    50. Pavnína Procházková, CZE, 154,900km
    56. Dagmar Hurková, CZE, 137,963km

    05.05.2009: Self-Transcendence Six and Ten Day Race, New York
    10-dňový beh

    1. Madhupran Schwerk, GER, 777 míľ
    2. Igor Mudryk, UKR, 712 míľ
    3. Yuri Trostenyuk, UKR, 629 míľ

    12. Chakradhara Čáslava, CZE, 501 míľ
    13. Rastislav Uličný, SVK, 495 míľ
    19. Padyatra Komák, SVK, 408 míľ

    1. Kaneenika Janáková, SVK, 707 míľ (Slovenský rekord)
    2. Sarah Barnett, AUS, 684 míľ
    3. Jayasalini Abramovskikh, UKR, 619 míľ

    6. Ivana Nemcová, CZE, 559 míľ
    10. Sylva Stradalová, CZE, 525 míľ
    14. Zuzana Dócziová, SVK, 503 míľ

    6-dňový beh

    1. Darren Worts, USA, 420 míľ
    2. Vilodymyr Hlushchuk, UKR, 391 míľ
    3. Vlastimil Dvořáček, CZE, 375 míľ

    11. Ales Pliva, CZE, 293 míľ
    12. Michal Petříček, CZE, 285 míľ

    1. Dipali Cunningham, AUS, 513 míľ (WR)
    2. Pam Reed, USA, 490 míľ
    3. Lenka Švecová, CZE, 372 míľ

    9. Sunanda Mináriková, CZE, 284 míľ

    05.05.2009: Podvihorlatský maratón 2009
    1. Ferenc Biri, HUN, 2:43:09
    2. Vladislav Lipovský, SVK, 2:44:46
    3. János Zabari, HUN, 2:45:24

    1. Anna Balošáková, SVK, 3:35:26
    2. Zlatica Semanová, SVK, 3:40:23
    3. Erika Billá, SVK, 3:43:39

    16.04.2009: Athens Ultramarathon Festival 24h, 48h, 72h and 7 days
    7 dňový beh

    1. SICHEL WILLIAM, GBR, 805km
    2. LO WEI NING, TPE, 789,217km
    3. NOMIKOS NIKITAS, GRE, 771km

    1. JANOSI ELVIRA, HUN, 436,156km

    72 hodinový beh


    2. KOROVESIS GEORGE, GRE, 304,305km
    3. PRIMUS THOMAS, AUT, 300km


    1. HUANG SHU MIN, TPE, 407,507km

    48 hodinový beh

    2. JONES COLIN, GBR, 275km

    2. VENITI MARIA, GRE, 134,72km

    24 hodinový beh

    2. NIKOLIS CHARALAMBOS, GRE, 207,228km
    3. MUSTALA ARI, FIN, 204,892km

    1. BERCES EDIT, HUN, 201,237km
    2. CHIA LUH SIN, TPE, 193,52km

    07.04.2009: Marathon Des Sables 2009
    1. Mohamad Ahansal, MAR, 16:27:26
    2. Aziz El Akad, MAR, 16:31:40
    3. Salameh Al Aqra, JOR, 17:15:06

    234. Stanislav Kmec, SVK, 31:04:25

    1. Touda Didi, MAR, 23:30:44
    2. Meghan Hicks, USA, 24:29:16
    3. Luz Perez Carbajo, ESP, 24:38:32

    47. Ivana Pilarova, CZE, 40:50:12

    29.03.2009: ČSOB Bratislava Marathon
    1. HAURYCHENKO Aliaksej, BLR, 2:21:40
    2. BARTKIEWICZ Krzysztof, POL, 2:31:38
    3. HOLEČKO Martin, SVK, 2:31:47

    1. FÖLDINGNÉ NAGY Judit, HUN, 2:50:21
    2. PETNUCHOVÁ Ingrid, 2:51:05
    3. MARTINCOVÁ Ivana, 2:54:17

    23.03.2009: Furčianský maratón
    1. Slavomír Lidvai, SVK, 2:53:25
    2. Ondrej Evin, SVK, 2:55:12
    3. Rudolf Lorenčík, SVK, 2:56:50

    1. Zlatka Semanová, SVK, 3:55:08
    2. Eva Hatalová, SVK, 3:55:23
    3. Alžbeta Tiszová, SVK, 4:15:05
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