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    3100 Miles Race 2010

    Vydané dňa 13. 06. 2010 (12590 prečítaní)

    Day 52: This is the last day of the 14th 3100-Mile Race. Today at about 19:30 Dharbasana finished and so he became the first New Zealander to ever finish this kind of race. The other runners also had remarkable results: Surasa, as the second woman to start in this race, had an excellent result of running more than 2700 miles. Purna-Samarpan in his second attempt ran exactly 2700 miles and thus improved his last year´s performance for more than 700 miles. Ananda-Lahari and Baladev did not run their best time, but they both showed heroic effort when we take into account that this was the hottest summer in the history of New York. The average July temperature was 32°C. We had the maximum temperature of 39°C, we had one day with 38°C and several days with 37°C. On some days we had to concentrate hard to remain conscious in such a heat, because in the sun and with all the air-conditioned cars rushing around the temperatures rose highly above 40°C. Here is a video of Dharbasana´s finish and a report which was broadcast on the American TV station ABC today:


    Day 51: A warm day without too much humidity.  Pushkar finished at about 15:30. It was his second finish of three starts. It was not his personal best, but if we consider the weather this summer, still it is a remarkable result. Dharbashana should finish tomorrow in the evening. Ananda-Lahari and Baladev are still walking and heading towards the end of the race which should be tomorrow at midnight. Here is a video of Pushkar´s finish:

    Day 50: Atmavir had a very nice weather on his last day. He finished at about 12:30. It was not his best time at all, but he had some health problems this year and , together with the extreme heat, it could be seen on his pace. The other runners continue their journey to the goal. Pushkar should finish tomorrow between 16:00 and 17:00. On Tuesday also Dharashana should finish. At the moment he runs very well. Baladev still has a problem with his Achilles tendon. Today he finished at 22:30 and he did 78 laps. Ananda-Lahari was also walking all day and he did 85 laps. Here is a short video from my finish taken by Stutisheel:

    Day 49:
    A similar day as yesterday. Warm, but not hot. This was the last but one day for Atmavir. Today he did 118 laps, so he has to do  43 laps tomorrow. He should finish between 11:30 and 12:00. Baladev had problems with his Achilles tendon and so he was walking  all day.  Therefore he also left sooner. Ananda-Lahari was running in the morning, but in the afternnoon he was only walking. Finally he did 94 laps.

    Day 48: So it is over for me.  Today at about 10:30 I finished my  6th time  3100 mile race. This year I improved for more than a day. After a short celebration I immediately started for the remaining last 13 laps to complete 5000km. But the race has not finished yet. The others still continue. Atmavir should finish at some time on Sunday. Today he did 116 laps. Besides walking,  Ananda-Lahari also ran a little in the evening. He did 88 laps. Baladev still has problems with his sore Achilles tendon. In the evening he could hardly walk, so he finished at about 22:15. The others, who might finish in the time limit of 52 days, are Pushkar, who would like to finish on Monday evening and Dharbasana, who ran an unbelievable race for the first time. He had a lot of injuries and problems, but when he runs, he can be unbelievably fast. He could finish on Tuesday evening.


    Day 47: A totally wet day. So we were bathing in our own sweat. But for a while also in rain water, because at noon it was raining for about 30 minutes, which increased the humidity even more. In the evening it became colder and also the humidity decreased. This year it looks that if it was possible to run only after the sunset, when the temperature goes down a bit. Today at about  13:30 Asprihanal finished. It was his 10th finish. Shortly after 22:10 Galya finished. For him it was the second finish and a new personal best, more than 1.5 day. Atmavir went well today and he did 116 laps. Both Ananda-Lahari and Baladev mostly walked. Ananda-Lahari did 77 laps, and how many did Baladev, I do not know. I tried to do as much as possible so that I could finish tomorrow at about  10:30, and so I did 122 laps. Tomorrow I have to do 32.

    Day 46: Today it was warm, but compared with the previous days it was also humid, which made it even more difficult. Baladev and Ananda-Lahari went better than yesterday, but they did not manage to tell me how much they did. Atmavir went very well and  did 120 laps. It was a little bit worse with me. My legs do not run so well as at the beginning of the race, but otherwise it is OK. I did 116 laps. Tomorrow Galya and Asprihanal will finish. I should finish on Friday. Day 45: Today the weather was supposed to be the same as yesterday, but it seemed to me much warmer. As I mentioned yesterday,  Ananda-Lahari finished already at about 22:30. One of the reasons why he finished so soon was that he got a sunstroke because of his carelessness, so he better went to sleep sooner. But this problem persisted even today. And Ananda-Lahari had a really tough day. Finally he went home sooner again, but I forgot to ask him how much he did. Baladev was walking all day, the same as yesterday. In the evening his problem with achilles tendon got worse. He has had it for a few days. He also finished sooner and the only thing he told me was that he did about 40 miles. I had quite a good run in the morning, but then I somehow slowed down. At last I did 115 laps.

    Day 44: Today´s weather was almost the same as yesterday. It was about 30°C, but after the temperatures that we had it seems like winter. I do not have the speed I had a few weeks ago so I am satisfied with any result that I get. Today it was 117 laps. Baladev only walked again. His legs are still weak, so he could not do anything else. Ananda-Lahari was running from time to time like yesterday, but he went home already at 22:30. Atmavir was running until 23:15 and he did 115 laps.

    Day 43: Although it was not a really hot day, I had quite a tough time in the morning. I simply had to push with all my strength to get at least somewhere. But in the afternoon I somehow recovered and then it was a little better. At last I did 118 laps till midnight. Although the morning was not one of the hottest, as the sun peeped out, it took all the energy from Atmavir. But after the sunset, as if by the whip of a magician´s stick, he began to fly. In this way he made up for the laps that he missed while walking. He finished with 106 laps. Baladev had a hard time today. Legs without energy meant that  he had to walk all day. He finished with 84 laps. Ananda-Lahari felt a little better. He was able to run at least a little, but he went home before he could tell me how much he did. Slowly we are approaching our goal. If everything goes well, I should finish at some time on Friday.

    Day 42:
    I hope this was the last really hot day. In the morning it was very wet and when the sun came out, we started to bathe in our own sweat. Many of us were slowed down by this, including me. Among the four of us, Atmavir was most influenced by the heat. In the morning he was running for a few hours, but as the temperature went up, he had to start walking. At last he did 119 laps. In the morning, neither Ananda-Lahari nor Baladev could run properly. Then somebody recommended them to take the iron and it evidently helped them, because they started to run. Only in the evening their energy dropped and they had to walk for the rest of the day. Finally Ananda-Lahari did 99 laps. As for Baladev, I do not know. I myself pushed it up to 115 laps.

    Day 41: A wet day. In the morning it was cloudy and about to rain. But it started to rain only in the afternoon. It went on for about an hour and then the clouds started to disappear, but all the humidity stayed. So when the sun came out, it was like in the sauna. Then in the evening, a strong wind with dark clouds came and a typical New York downpour began. It was pouring for an hour. This was the first real downpour. The humidity in the afternoon slowed me down, so I was rather surprised when I could finish with 116 laps. Today most of us had a hard time, including  Atmavir. He was running all day, but finally he did 110 laps. Ananda-Lahari looked quite well today, only in the afternoon he had to walk. Baladev was walking most of the day. Neither  Ananda-Lahari nor Baladev observe how many they do laps during the day. Many times they go home without knowing how much they did. This was also one of those days, so I do not know either. Tomorrow  another hot day is expected.


    Deň 40: A warm day, but luckily there was not much humidity, so it was manageable. But no matter hard I tried to move my legs faster in the morning and in the afternoon, it did not work. As it there was no more strength in them. It was better in the evening. Finally I managed to do 115 laps. Atmavir, who also alternated running and walking during the day, sped up in the evening and finally he did 112 laps. Baladev ran a little in the morning, but then he only walked. The previous day consummed all the energy in his feet. Ananda-Lahari also walked most of the day. But they both went home before I could ask them how many laps they did.

    Day 39: I will repeat myself, but another hard day again. The weather forecast promised showers which never came. It was hot instead, hotter than they said.So in the afternood most of us were moving like dead bodies. Sometimes I feel it is not the heat which causes problems, but the sun itself. Most of the time when the sun sets in the evening, like with the whip of the wizzard´s stick, the energy returns to my legs. Today no matter how hard I tried, I could not do more than 112 laps.Atmavir also had problems and finished at 23:00 as usual, with 105 laps. Baladev and Ananda-Lahari seemed stronger than in previous days. They finished together shortly after Atmavir.  Baladev had 102 laps and Ananda-Lahari 98.


    Day 38: A hard day. I do not mean the day itself was hard, but it was hard after yesterday. Many people said that they are tired after yesterday. The same was with me. I wanted to do as much as I could so I tried in the morning, but somehow it did not work. I was simply tired. The morning was cloudy, but then the sun appeared again and it became hot. Only after the sunset I was better. At last I even did 118 laps. Atmavir said that he also had a hard day, but then he fulfilled his resolution and ran 112 laps. Baladev had a worse day. He could not run, so he was sentenced to walking. He did 91 laps till 23:10. Ananda-Lahari was running most of the time, but I did not meet him before he went home, so I do not know how many laps he did.

    Day 37:
    A challenging day, at least for me. The morning was quite wet  and then it started to rain. It was not raining long, only about 30 minutes, but with great intensity, so we were soaking wet. This usually infuences the results of the whole day.  We always have to dry our feet and change shoes and it takes some time. I also lost some laps in this way. After the rain it turned hot. It was only in the evening that the weather became tolerable. If only we could have a few colder days, so that we can get some new energy. In this situation I did 116 laps today. Atmavir was doing well in spite of the hot weather. In the afternoon he slowed down a little, but in the evening he ran at full speed. He did 112 laps. Baladev also tried his best. He was running and walking and he did 98 laps. Ananda-Lahari tried to do as much as he could in the morning, but in the afternoon he ran out of energy and he only had to look for the rest of the day. I do not know how much he did, but as he said, it will not be much.

    Day 36:
    A hot day - I do not know which number. The heat is really killing. It takes the last drop of energy from you. I started quite well today, but gradually I slowed down. In the evening I was only waiting for the sun to finally set.  And I was not alone. As soon as it set, it was as if  everybody revived and started to run considerably faster. I was able to do 116 laps. Atmavir had a problem with the hot weather even today, but he felt much better compared with yesterday. He was even able to run some parts of the course. In the evening, when the sun set, he even started to run quite quickly. Finally he did 100 laps. Ananda-Lahari was running all day and his reward was the 110 laps that he did. Baladev started at quite a good pace but gradually his strength left him. At last he did 110 laps.

    Day 35: Today it was hot and it totally hit Atmavir again. Already yesterday he started to feel as if the sun was taking away his energy, but tohay it really hit him. He had to walk all day. In this way he was able to do 85 laps. Baladev continued with his beaks also today. It worked, but he was gradually losing his speed. But in spite of that he managed to do 103 laps. Ananda-Lahari also continued with his yesterday´s tactic of frequent breaks.But he was losing his speed even faster than Baladev. At last he had to walk at midday. He did 92 laps. I had a very good morning but I  also gradually lost my speed, only not so fast as the others. Finally I did 118 laps.

    Day 34: It helped Baladev  that he went home earlier yesterday. Today he was running all day and he was running very fast. He was so fast that he could have a short break every two hours and in spite of that shortly after 23:00  he had 109 laps. Ananda-Lahari was trying a similar technique. Every 1-2 hours he had a short break. In this way he could also run all day, but more slowly than Baladev. At last he did 93 laps. The weather was hot today, but it would not be so bad if not for the humidity. Too much humidity. We were swiming in the rivers of sweat all day. Atmavir was running all day, but as he told me, the heat was very exhausting for him. He disappeared before I could ask him how much he did. As for me, the humidity got me. Not only it takes even the last drop of energy, but at the same time, the sweat combined with the dirt and friction is very aggressive to the skin. The most exposed places get sore, bruised and you get various rashes. Everything itches and stings and that makes it even more exhausting. In these circumstances I did 118 laps.


    Day 33: It is late, so only in brief. Baladev had a hard time also today. In the morning he had abslolutely no energy. He was recommended to go to sleep sooner in the evening to get a good rest. So he went home at 22:00 with about 70 laps. Ananda-Lahari mostly walked and did 95 laps.  Atmavir did 118, the same as me.

    Day 32:
    This morning Ananda-Lahari went to see Dr. Kumar. He has had stomach and digestion problems for some time and he wanted to know what to do with it. He got some medicaments, so let us hope he will run at top speed again. Otherwise, it was raining the whole morning so it was quite difficult. Then it was only cloudy but it still looked like rain. Ananda-Lahari lost some time at Dr. Kumar, but he was able to do 94 laps anyway. Baladev was running all day and he did 102 laps. Atmavir also had a great day, he did 124 laps. I lost a couple of  laps in the morning, but I had a very good evening, so I did 122 laps.

    Day 31:
    Today at about 8 a.m. I crossed the 2000-mile point. The interesting thing was that Asprihanal crossed 2000 miles at the same time, so after 30 days of running there was only about a 300-metre gap between us. In the afternoon it started to rain and it went on for about 4 hours. It was probably not enough for the grass to turn green, but enough water for making my life more difficult. In the evening after the rain my blisters returned. All this slowed me down a lot. Finally I did 114 laps. Atmavir was fast today and ran 121 laps. Ananda-Lahari and Baladev finished about 20 min before midnight and they both had 92 laps. It was nice to see Baladev start running again.

    Day 29: Baladev had problems also today. He could not digest and also he had a problem with energy. Therefore he had to walk all day. Only in the evening his digestion improved, but as for his energy, he had to wait for a long time. So we must only hope that he will be OK tomorrow and he will be able to run properly. Ananda-Lahari also had to walk most of the time and when I asked him in the evening how much he did, he could not even tell me.  Atmavir was running quicky all day and he was a little disappointed when he finally had only 116 laps. I was a little slower than yeasterday and it showed in the total results. I did 118 laps.

    Day 28: Today was almost 100% different from yesterday. Unlike yesterday when almost nobody was running, today almost everybody was running. Baladev had a stomach problem which took all his energy and so he had to walk all day. At last he did 85 laps. Ananda-Lahari did better. Although he was walking a lot, he could also run and so at last he did 95 laps. Atmavir did much better. He was running all day and he was quite fast. So he had 120 laps already at 23:10. I had a good run again and in the evening I was trying to keep my pace. At last I did 121 laps before midnight. Today a few drops fell. But it was only a drizzle, so it was not even worth taking an umbrella.


    Day 27: Today was a very special day. First, Purna-Samarpan was missing at the start. He had problems with his back yesterday. He came only in a few hours when he got a little better.  Second, almost everybody was walking. As if only now the suffering of hot days started to bear its fruit. Even such top athletes as Asprihanal were walking all day. Let us hope tomorrlow everything will be OK. Atmavir had a good day and he did 120 laps, the same as yesterday . Baladev was walking most of the morning and also in the afternoon. In the evening he was also running, but not at his usual pace. I do not know how much he did. But Ananda-Lahari had to walk all day and finally he did 86 laps. I had quite a good day and shortly before midnight I had 119 laps.


    Day 26: One day with a more normal temperature at last. It was not really cold, but it was perfect anyway, because it was only 32°C. In the morning it was even drizzling for a while. We got a bad news today. Stutisheel came back from a doctor and said that he has a damaged meniscus and he will not be able to continue any more. It was sad, but his health is most important. Then the rest of us continued.  Atmavir had a good day and finished at 23:00 with 120 laps. Baladev finished 10 min before midnight with 109 laps. Ananda-Lahari had something between 90 and100 laps, I do not know exactly, because he disappeared before I could say anything. I felt much better today than during those hot days and finally I did 118 laps.

    Day 25: A hard hot day, full of surprises. The first surprise was that Stutisheel did not appear at the start. His knee did not improve so they recommended him to stay at home today. Yeasterday in the afternoon he went to hospital for examination, but the results have not come yet, so he will probably not run until then. Another surprise was that when  Asprihanal came to the start, he had such stomach problems that he was not able to start at all. He was lying in the car the whole morning and in the afternoon he was taken to hospital for examination. He did not come back, but tomorrow he should be OK.  Atmavir did very well. After yesteerday´s visit at the doctor he felt better and in spite of terrible heat he could run at a good pace for the whole day. He did 118 laps. Baladev also went very well. With his steady pace he did 113 laps. Ananda-Lahari had more problems and as he told me at noon, when it was the hottest, it is most important to survive. He kept his word and by 23:10 he did 90 laps. I had a very hard day. Already in the morning it was clear that I will have problems with energy. As the temperature was rising, the energy was leaving me. It was strange because I felt energy in my legs, but the energy in the rest of my body was missing. Only in the evening, when the sun started to set, as if by a miracle, my energy returned. I finished 2 minutes before the midnight about 20m after Baladev. We both did 113 laps. Tomorrow the temperature should drop to 31°C. It may seem hot, but after the last days it will probably feel as if it was snowing.

    Day 24: Another hot day, as we expected. Luckily, in the afternoon a few clouds came and they covered the sun at least for some time. The heat is really exhausting, we cannot take a rest even at night. For example, now it is almost half past midnight and the temperature in my room is 31°C. So we go on sweating day and night. Today one more thing happened: Pali and Peto got spiritual names, so I will use these from now on. Pali is now Baladev and Peto is Atmavir. So today  Atmavir went to see Dr. Kumar, an Indian Ayurvedic doctor to see him and say, why he has such problems this year when it is hot. As we thought, he has a virus which  activates in hot weather. Doctor Kumar gave him some tablets and said that he should be OK in a few days. Today he was running practically all day and did 100 laps. Ananda-Lahari had a worse day, he was walking almost the whole day. He did  90 laps. Baladev, probably encouraged by his new name, ran very fast, as if he did not feel the heat.  Finally he had 109 laps. I had the same  problem in the morning as yesterday and in the afternoon I could not wait until it gets colder. I did 113 laps.

    Day 23:
    Another hot day. Unfortunately not the last one. At least 2 more days with temperatures about 37°-38°C are awaiting us. Even today it was extremely difficult. It does not seem so hard, but every day this heat unbelievably exhausts the body. This morning I really had a problem to find enough strength in the body. I started running only in the afternoon, but then it became hot and I was glad that to be somehow moving forward. Finally I managed to do 115 laps. Pali finished even later than me with 106 laps. He had a tough time in the morning too, but in the evening he could run again. Ananda-Lahari finished at 23:45 with 103 laps. The heat struck him, too, but not so much as  Peto. He had to walk again and he did 80 laps. My eyes are closing, I am going to sleep.
    Day 22:
    Today America celebrated the Independence Day. We could see a few fireworks in the evening, although they are not allowed without permission. Otherwise, the day was hot. Terribly hot. At one moment the thermometer in the camp showed 37°C in the shadow, and tomorrow it should be even hotter. Although the weather was warmer than yesterday, Peto was able to run most of the time. He did not run fast and in many places he walked, but he did 98 laps until 23:00, which is much more than yesterday. Stutishhel´s knee did not get better. He had to walk all day again. I do not know how much Pali did, but he was running until 23:50 and I think that he did much better than yesterday. I was quite OK in the morning and after lunch, but then it was too much for me.The heat was slowly but steadily draining the last bits of energy. After the sunset it cooled down a little and this probably saved me. I could run until the end and I did 124 laps. Ananda-Lahari, as well as me,  stayed until the end and did 115 laps.

    Day 21: The day was hot and it brought Peto down again. It seems there is something wrong with him. Stutisheel had a similar problem a couple of  years ago.  As soon as the temperature rose above a certain point, his body switched off, he lost all his energy and he was only able to walk.. The same with Peto now. As soon as the temperature rises, his body switches off and he cannot get enough energy from his body to run. So he only walks. Today until  23:00 he did  82 laps. Pali is getting back to his normal shape. Today he did 108 laps until 23:50.Ananda-Lahari also had  a very good day and he did 113 laps until 23:50. I did surprisingly well and in spite of the heat I could do  127 laps. Stutisheel has had quite a big problem with his knee. He has to walk only.

    Day 20: From tomorrow on, the weather is getting warmer. Not that it was cold in the last days, but this year the temperature below  30°C is considered quite nice. This year is extremely hot and dry. In fact, during the last 3 weeks that we were running here, it rained only for an hour  and in the following days there will not be any rain either.  Tomorrow the temperature should come to 33°C and on Sunday over 36°C. The weather will not get colder until the end of next week..  Peto seems to be ok and today he did 124 laps. Ananda-Lahari did 112 and  Pali got over  100 laps, he had 105. I pushed it to 124 laps. Today there was a car burning in Grand Central. The flames were reaching up to the bridge over Grand Central in 168 Street. It lasted only  5-10 min, but there were clouds of thick, black unpleasant  smoke. The firemen were filling their car from the hydrant at the corner of  168 Street and when I was running past them, they decided to disconnect the hose. Immediately I was in ankle deep water, so I had to go and change my shoes.

    Day 19: Peto is OK again,running at top speed. He was running since the morning and he was running fast. Finally he stayed until 23:20 and he had 129 laps. Ananda-Lahari had a little weaker day. After 23:00 he finished with 98 laps. Also Pali is recovering slowly. Today he did 95 laps. I had quite a good day again.  5 min before midnight I had 125 laps. Today I crossed  the 2000km line, so there is only 3000km to go.

    Day 18:
    At last  one cooler day.  Peto felt much better and he ran 114 laps. Ananda-Lahari also recovered from yesterday´s problems and ran 111 laps. But Pali still had a problem with energy. Most of the time he walked and he did 90 laps. I had quite a good day although I was totally sleepy in the morning. But finally I did 123 laps.

    Day 17: Today we  all hoped the weather to cool down. But we have to wait until tomorrow.  Although it was not so hot as in the last days, everybody is so tired of it that the very image of a hot day frightens us.  Peto tried to run in the morning but soon after it got warmer his yesterday´s problems returned and he had to start walking. In the evening, when it was colder, he tried to run again and it was better. If it gets colder tomorrow, he may be OK.  At 23:00 he had some 87 laps. Pali and Ananda.Lahari today also joined him in walking. Both of them said that their legs are completely empty. They finished at 23:00, Pali had 97 laps and Ananda-Lahari had one or two laps less. I also had a problem in the morning. I gat a diarrhoea and I was completely dehydrated and without energy. Luckily I somehow recovered until noon and I could run again. The evening was nice, without the unpleasant humidity. I finished with 118 laps.

    Day 16: Another hot and therefore also hard day. Luckily the heat lasted only until 13:00, then it became cloudy and finally there was a shower. But it helped to clear the atmosphere. Many of us had problems on this third hot day in a row. One of them was Peto who looked tired since the morning. He had to walk all day. The heat consummed all his energy. He finished at 22:30 with 77 laps. Ananda-Lahari was not influenced by the weather and in the evening he eved did a few sprinting laps. He seemed to be runnning one lap maybe in 4 min. He finished at 23:30 with 112 laps. Pali could manage it a little better than yesterday, so he did 111 laps until 23:25. I was falling asleep since the morning. The heat got me. But in spite of that I managed to keep certain speed. The evening was pleasantly cool, only a little humid. I finished 3 minutes before midnight with 124 laps.

    Day 15: A hot and humid day. The heat and humidity was squeezing everybody like a lemon. I was falling asleep until the break at 3 pm. But in spite of that I was able to keep a good pace. Then the heat started to take its toll of me and I slowed down. Finally I was able to do 124 laps, but I had enough. Pali had a hard day, he was walking a lot. At midnight he had 105 laps. Ananda-Lahari on the other hand, had a good day and it seemed as if the heat did not influence him at all. He did 112 laps till 23:20. Peto ran more slowly today and at 23:00 he went to sleep with 120 laps. Today four runners passed the 1000 mile mark. Asprihanal, Peto, Vlado (he got a new name today) and me. For me it was a great succeess. Four times I tried to run 1000 miles under 15 days during the 1000 mile race, but my best performence was 870 miles. Now I did it in about 14 days and 16 hours.

     Day 14: Some had a better day today, some had a worse day. Ananda-Lahari had a good one, because until 23:20, when he was leaving, he did 117 laps. Pali had a normal day, 112 laps. But  Peto had a harder one. In the morning and early in the afternoon it was OK, but then as if he lost his energy and he had to slow down considerably. At last he did 117 laps. I had quite a good day, although blisters started to bother me again, but somehow  I cannot do anything with it. Yesterday and today they were coming more often than before. I did 126 laps until midnight. Today we had a nice visit. Bil Pearl, the great body-builder, came to see us.

    Day 13: Quite a pleasant day. It was hot, but not extremely hot, so somehow we could manage it. Pali had a little problem. He was falling asleep since the morning and he did not recover until the evening. At last he ran 105 laps until 23:15.  Ananda-Lahari also went home at 23:15, but he did 112 laps. I do not know how much Peto did, because he disappeared before I could ask him about it. I had quite a good day. I did 126 laps.

    Day 12: Another hot day. This time more of us had a problem to handle it. Even the super runners like Peto and Asprihanal had a hard time. At 3 pm it looked like a real downpour, but somehow it did not happen. It cooled down only after 20:00 when the sun set. It really was a tough experience for me, especially the last 3 hours. But finally I did 122 laps. Peto finished at 23:00 with 118 laps. Ananda-Lahari and Pali finished at 23:30 with112 laps.

    Day 11: A hot day. But luckily the wind was blowing and it was not so humid, so at last we survived it. But for tomorrow the forecast is 34°C, we will see. Today I had a good run. My blisters still bother me, but not so much as before. I tried to run with the same speed all day and at  23:55 I had 124 laps. This is my third best day since the beginning of the race. But during the day I do not pay much attention to how many laps I have, I just try to run as much as I can. Peto is still keeping his standard: 128 laps till 23:00. Pali was running until 23:55 and did 110 laps. Ananda-Lahari ran away before he could tell me how he did. The Wall Street Journal published an article about 3100 Mile Race. Here is the link.

    Day 10 Another hot day. Luckily the humidity was not so high. My blisters started to calm down so I could run a little faster today. In the evening we were surprised by a thundersrtorm that lasted for an hour, but at least the air got cooler. In fact, it was only the second rain we the beginning of the race. In the first 10 days the weather was very dry. And in the following days it will not change much. Tomorrow´s forecast is 32°C. But that will be tomorrow so I will worry about it tomorrow. Finally I ran 121 laps until midnight. Pali had a hard time, he had no energy. But the 110 laps which he did is not so bad. Ananda_Lahari had quite a good day and 112 laps. Peto did 128.

    Day 9:
    A much better day than yesterday. Although it was over 30°C, it was not wet, so we could manage it. And since my socks were not wet all the time, also my blisters were manageable. It will take a couple of days until they heal completely. I was running till 23:55, but I could do 117 laps. Peto had a good day, too. Today he did 129 laps till 23:00. Ananda-Lahari and Pali had both 112 laps, Pali finished at 23:05 and Ananda-Lahari 10 min after him. Surasa had another hard day. Her shin splint got worse and she had to walk all day.

    Day 8
    : Undoubtedly my worst day. Since the morning it was clear to me that it will be pretty tough. My blisters, which usually get better overnight, got worse this time. And on the top of it, it was terribly wet since the morning. It was like running barefoot in the sauna on broken glass. I had to stop very often to fix the blisters, so that they hurt less. I did not try to run as many miles as possible, only to survive the day somehow. At last I finished at 23:05 with 105 laps. The others were not influenced by the weather so much. Peto easily  did his 127 laps until 23:05.  Anananda-Lahari also had a good day, he did 112 laps until 23:30, and so did Pali, but he finished 15min earlier.

    Day 7
    :  The first week is over. Up to now nobody had any injuries. But today Surasa and Dharbasana had to walk. Surasa had a problem with shin splint a few days and today it really started to hurt. Dharbasana had a problem with his ankle which got swollen. Let us hope they recover soon. Pali had quite a good day. Shortly after 23:00 he had 112 laps. Ananda-Lahari was a bit slower, but he finished before 23:30 with105 laps. Peto is having a great run. He finished after 23:00 with 127 laps. I had quite a good day, I was a little faster than usually, but in the afternoon my speed went down and I had to run until midnight to have 117 laps.

    Day 6: A first really hot day. The temterature went up to 30°C and in the following days it is supposed to remain the same or get even higher. I tried not ot think about the heat and that helped me through this day. But the last three hours were very difficult. I ran until 23:55 and I did 117 laps. Peto still runs very well and is one of the fastest runners on the track. He finished at about 23:00 with 127 laps. Ananda_Lahari finished at about  22:45 with 106 laps. Pali ran very well today and at 23:25 he had 115 laps. That is enough for today, I am falling asleep.

    Day 5: Today I felt a little better. Although I was sleepy in the morning, it was not so bad as yesterday. Last night I discovered that my right knee is swollen. But it does not hurt when I run so I am not worried about it yet. In the afternoon Aklanta came. He is a German chiropractor and homeopath. I asked him to look at my knee and he said that it was caused by the acidity of my body. He gave me some tablets, so we will see. Pali slowed down during the day, but in the evening he started running again. Only he disappeared before I could ask him how much he did. Peto finished before 23:00. At this time he is one of the fastest runners on the track. Today he had  128 laps again, which is 70 miles. Ananda-Lahari finished with me before 23:45 and he did 115 laps. He was very satisfied. I did 117 laps. Asprihanal started running again and he is slowly getting to his previous speed.

    Day 4:
    Another difficult day, at least for me. In the morning I was falling asleep again. In the afternoon it was better, but during the last two hours I really had enough. You have to fight for each lap, each meter. I thought I will not even finish the last lap. You simply give out everything, you are totally dead. But you cannot think that in a few hours you will have to be at the starting line again. I finished after 23:30 with 120 laps. Peto is doing very well. His throat is getting better and for the second time in a row he ran most laps. Today it was 128 laps and he finished already before 23:00. Pali had a very good morning, but in the afternoon he hit the wall. He simply had no energy. It is nothing special here. Sometimes it goes well and in an hour you feel that you cannot do any more. And in a while you are running again. In the evening Pali recovered and finally at 23:00 he had115 laps. Ananda-Lahari seemed to be ok all day, but he disappeared before I could ask him, how many he had. Today Asprihanal had quite a hard time. He does not usually finish before 23:00, but he always recovers very quickly.

    Day 3:
    The third day is usually difficult and it seemed to be true also today. Most of us complained of having a hard day. I had also problems, not because of lack of energy, but because I got blisters in the middle of each foot. Blisters are inseparable part of this race, at least for me. I admire those who do not suffer from them. So the blisters slowed me down, but finally it was not so bad. I finished at 23:30 with 121 laps. Peto went quite well and finished already at  23:00 with 124 laps. Pali finished at the same time with 117 laps. Ananda-Lahari finished with me at 23:30 and he had 115 laps. He also had a hard day, sometimes he had to walk, but in the evening he could not resist having a couple of sprints.

    Day 2:
    Today I was sleepy since the morning. Maybe it was because of the weather. It was cloudy but quite warm. My first crisis came at 8:00 and stayed until 10:00 and the second one came at about noon. It went away completely only after the break. So far everybody is doing well, but the race actually has not started yet. Except of the sleepiness I could run quite well. In the afternoom the clouds started to clear up and it became quite warm. The last hours were rather difficult. My strength disappeared and I was looking forward to the end. I finished at  23:30 with 130 laps. Peto had also 130 laps, but he finished half an hour earlier. Ananda-Lahari finished with 120 laps and Pali with 118 laps at 22:45. So far everybody is doing well.

    Day 1
    : In the morning we all came to the start a little sooner to prepare the last things. We were pleasantly surprised by the Slovak consul in New York Igor Pokojny, who came with his wife to look at the start of the race. He comes regularly to this kind of events where Slovak runner participate. The weather forecast said: rainfall possible, but it did not look like it at all. It was warm and partly cloudy. Each of us started with his/her own pace. I felt quite well so I went a little faster. Peto started a little slower because he still not recovered from a flu he got before the start. Today he sounded quite hoarse. Asprihanal, who is also recovering form an illness, started a bit more slowly, but during the day he speeded up. After my break which I had from15:00 till 15:30, the forecasted rain began. It was not too heavy and it felt quite nice, because in the afternoon it was quite hot and humid. The rain grew stronger and then weaker, but it went on until the end. My feet felt sore and a few blisters appeared. In the end I was quite tired, but others as if they got a second breath. First of us finished Ananda-Lahari at 22:15 with 125 laps, 15 minutes later Pali with excellent 131 laps and at 23:00 Peto with 139 laps. I finished at 23:35 with145 laps. For tomorrow is promised warm weather again.

    Deň -1:
    We had a 2 mile race in the morning. Five of 11 tomorrow´s starters  ran. All five of us fit into the first 6 places. The winner was Ananda-Lahari, who is probably getting ready for his sprints  which always shock us. In the evening we had a pre-start meeting where basic things were said and four boxes of pizza eaten. Now we are all getting ready to sleep and try to enjoy the last little longer sleep for the next almost two months.

    Deň -2:
    All of us are busy with the final preparations. We are doing the last things. Each of us is trying to make his room most suitable for him. We are cleaning up. There is a lot of small things that can make your life easier during the race.

    Day -3: The last three days remain until the start of the 14th annual longest certified race in the world. This year 11 runners from 8 countries will participate. Slovakia is represented by three runners and Czech Republic by one. The most important change has taken place in women´s cathegory. For the first time in 14 years we will miss Suprabha, who is the only one to run all the 13 annual races. Here is the list of all runners:

    Surasa Maier Surasa Maier (51 years, Vienna, Austria)
       Surasa is the second woman in history who will run the 3100 mile race. In 2003 she broke the world records of 1000 km (7 days +16:08:37) and 700 miles (8 days+15:34:13). In 2001 she broke the world record of 1300 miles (17 days and 21 hours). Her split time of 1000 miles is the second best in history even today (13 days and 17 hours). In 2000 she also won the 1000 mile race in 14 days and 12 hours. In  2007 she won the 10 day race with 595 miles.

    Asprihanal AaltoAsprihanal Aalto (39 years, Finland)
        Asprihanal is second in the world charts of the 3100 mile race with his time of 43 days 04:26:32. He won this race 6 times, in 2000, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2008 a 2009. Three years in a row he participated in three multiday races in New York each year (6 days , 3100 miles and 700 miles). He won the 6 day race three times, the last one this year with  505 miles (812km) and he won three times in 700 mile race  (his best time is 9 days and 5 hours).

    Petr SpáčilPetr Spacil (32 rokov, Zlin, Czech Republic)
        last year  Petr won the 3rd place in 45 days and 3 hours. In 2008 he finshed it in 48 days 11 hours. In 2007 he ran his first 3100 mile race in 52 days 12 hours, only a few days after he won the  10 day race with 670 miles (1078km). He has run 17 ultraa and one long triathlon. In 2004 he ran 1300 mile race 1085 miles  (1746km) in 18 day. In 24 hour race he ran 209km.

    Vladimir Balatsky
    Vladimir Balatsky (38 years, Doneck, Ukraine)
       Vladimir ran his first 3100 mile race in 48 days 2 hours. During 9 years he ran 10 ultras and 6 multiday races. His personal best in 10-day race was 660 miles and in 6-day race 427 miles.

    Pranjal Milovník
    Pranjal Milovnik (37 years, Bratislava, Slovakia)
        Pranjal will run for the 6th time this year. Last year he ran his best time of 3100 mile race, 48 days 6 hours. In 16 years he ran  58 marathons and 37 ultras, including 11 multiday races. He has run also three long triathlons.

    Stutisheel Lebedyev
    Stutisheel Lebedyev (40 rokov, Kiev, Ukraine)
        Stutisheel ran 3100 mile race  6 times, his personal best time was last year. 48 days and 12 hours. He ran more than 25 ultras and his best marathon time is 2:46

    Pushkar MullauerPushkar Mullauer (36 years, Zurich, Switzerland)
       Last year he ran 3100 miles in 49 days 2 hours. The previous year he ran  2290 miles, and then he had to stop because of injuries. He has run 22 ultras including 6 multidays.

    Ananda-Lahari ZuščinAnanda-Lahari Zuscin (35 years, Kysak, Slovakia)
        Ananda-Lahari will run 3100 miles for the 6th time. His best time he had in 2006 - 49 days 14:25:37. He has been running for  20 years. In his youth he was an excellent orientational runner.

    Pavol Sáraz
    Pavol Saraz (34 years, Komjatice, Slovakia)
        Last year Pavol ranl 3100 miles in  54 days 14 hours. In10 years he ran 27 ultras including  5 multidays. In 2007 he ran 636 miles (1024 km) in 10-day race.

    Purna-Samarpan QuerhammerPurna-Samarpan Querhammer (33 years, Hamburg, Germany)
      This is his second attempt in 3100 mile race. Last year he ran 1884 miles and then he had to finish because of his injury. In 13 years he ran 23 ultras, 4 multiday races and a lot of marathons.

    Dharbasana LynnDharbasana Lynn (31 years, Auckland, New Zealand)
       This will be his first time in 3100 mile race. In 12 years he ran 14 ultras and 4 multiday races. He ran 347 miles in the 6 day  race and 442 miles in the 10 day race.

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    08.11.2010: 100 km E.A.A. EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP
    1. JONAS BUUD, SWE, 6:47:40
    3. ANDRÉ COLLET, GER, 6:51:54

    7. DANIEL ORÁLEK, CZE, 6:58:26
    21. ONDREJ EVIN, SVK, 7:25:53
    27. PETER TICHY. SVK, 7:35:28
    34. MILAN ADAMEC, CZE, 7:49:20
    49. JAROSLAV BOHDAL, CZE, 8:14:53
    55. SLAVOMIR LINDVAI, SVK, 8:35:17
    61. RUDOLF LORENCIK, SVK, 8:55:11
    63. JAN BUJNAK, SVK, 9:23:34

    1. ELLIE GREENWOOD, GBR, 7:29:05
    2. MONICA CARLIN, ITA, 7:30:50
    3. LIZZY HAWKER, GBR, 7:33:26

    30. ALENA ŽÁKOVSKÁ, CZE, 9:34:32
    32. MARTINA JUDA, CZE, 9:56:17
    33. VILMA PODMELOVÁ, CZE, 10:21:09

    28.09.2009: Spartathlon 2009
    1. Ryoichi Sekiya, JPN, 23:48:24
    2. Lars Christofferse, DAN, 24:31:45
    3. Jon Berge, NOR, 25:09:38

    10. Slavomír Lindvai, SVK, 27:16:10

    1. Sumie Inagaki, JPN, 27:39:49
    2. Yoshido Matsuda, JPN, 31:16:12
    3. Lisa Bliss, USA, 32:23:26

    11.05.2009: Self-Transcendence 12+24 Stunden-Lauf Basel
    24-hodinový beh

    1. Kai Horschig, GER, 212,686km
    2. Ananda-Lahari Zuščín, SVK, 209,747km
    3. Victor Rodionov, LAT, 209,121km

    1. Carmen Hilderbrand, GER, 207,390km
    2. Nicole Kresse, GER, 176,358km
    3. Ramona Thevenet-Smith, GBR, 166,224km

    12-hodinový beh

    1. Simon Schmid, SUI, 129,120km
    2. Udo Stossberger, GER, 127,512km
    3. Grigire Cilipic, MDA, 127,370km

    1. Regina Berger-Schmitt, GER, 111,331km
    2. Caroline Girod, SUI, 98,300km
    3. Belinda Eckert, GER, 96,309km

    05.05.2009: IAU 24h World Challenge, Bergamo, Taliansko
    1. Henrik Olson, SWE, 257,042km
    2. Ralf Weis, GER, 244,492km
    3. Yuji Sakai, JPN, 242,713km

    29. Petr Dostálek, CZE, 213,466km
    34. Slavomír Lindvai, SVK, 208,898km
    39. Miroslav Osladil, CZE, 206,233km
    64. František Gállik, SVK, 183,951km
    74. Martin Huncovský, CZE, 177,319km
    137. Ján Bujňák, SVK, 52,161km

    1. Anne-Cecile Fontaine, FRA, 243,644km
    2. Brigitte Bec, FRA, 234,977km
    3. Monica Casiraghi, ITA, 223,848km

    38. Martina Nemečková, CZE, 175,098km
    50. Pavnína Procházková, CZE, 154,900km
    56. Dagmar Hurková, CZE, 137,963km

    05.05.2009: Self-Transcendence Six and Ten Day Race, New York
    10-dňový beh

    1. Madhupran Schwerk, GER, 777 míľ
    2. Igor Mudryk, UKR, 712 míľ
    3. Yuri Trostenyuk, UKR, 629 míľ

    12. Chakradhara Čáslava, CZE, 501 míľ
    13. Rastislav Uličný, SVK, 495 míľ
    19. Padyatra Komák, SVK, 408 míľ

    1. Kaneenika Janáková, SVK, 707 míľ (Slovenský rekord)
    2. Sarah Barnett, AUS, 684 míľ
    3. Jayasalini Abramovskikh, UKR, 619 míľ

    6. Ivana Nemcová, CZE, 559 míľ
    10. Sylva Stradalová, CZE, 525 míľ
    14. Zuzana Dócziová, SVK, 503 míľ

    6-dňový beh

    1. Darren Worts, USA, 420 míľ
    2. Vilodymyr Hlushchuk, UKR, 391 míľ
    3. Vlastimil Dvořáček, CZE, 375 míľ

    11. Ales Pliva, CZE, 293 míľ
    12. Michal Petříček, CZE, 285 míľ

    1. Dipali Cunningham, AUS, 513 míľ (WR)
    2. Pam Reed, USA, 490 míľ
    3. Lenka Švecová, CZE, 372 míľ

    9. Sunanda Mináriková, CZE, 284 míľ

    05.05.2009: Podvihorlatský maratón 2009
    1. Ferenc Biri, HUN, 2:43:09
    2. Vladislav Lipovský, SVK, 2:44:46
    3. János Zabari, HUN, 2:45:24

    1. Anna Balošáková, SVK, 3:35:26
    2. Zlatica Semanová, SVK, 3:40:23
    3. Erika Billá, SVK, 3:43:39

    16.04.2009: Athens Ultramarathon Festival 24h, 48h, 72h and 7 days
    7 dňový beh

    1. SICHEL WILLIAM, GBR, 805km
    2. LO WEI NING, TPE, 789,217km
    3. NOMIKOS NIKITAS, GRE, 771km

    1. JANOSI ELVIRA, HUN, 436,156km

    72 hodinový beh


    2. KOROVESIS GEORGE, GRE, 304,305km
    3. PRIMUS THOMAS, AUT, 300km


    1. HUANG SHU MIN, TPE, 407,507km

    48 hodinový beh

    2. JONES COLIN, GBR, 275km

    2. VENITI MARIA, GRE, 134,72km

    24 hodinový beh

    2. NIKOLIS CHARALAMBOS, GRE, 207,228km
    3. MUSTALA ARI, FIN, 204,892km

    1. BERCES EDIT, HUN, 201,237km
    2. CHIA LUH SIN, TPE, 193,52km

    07.04.2009: Marathon Des Sables 2009
    1. Mohamad Ahansal, MAR, 16:27:26
    2. Aziz El Akad, MAR, 16:31:40
    3. Salameh Al Aqra, JOR, 17:15:06

    234. Stanislav Kmec, SVK, 31:04:25

    1. Touda Didi, MAR, 23:30:44
    2. Meghan Hicks, USA, 24:29:16
    3. Luz Perez Carbajo, ESP, 24:38:32

    47. Ivana Pilarova, CZE, 40:50:12

    29.03.2009: ČSOB Bratislava Marathon
    1. HAURYCHENKO Aliaksej, BLR, 2:21:40
    2. BARTKIEWICZ Krzysztof, POL, 2:31:38
    3. HOLEČKO Martin, SVK, 2:31:47

    1. FÖLDINGNÉ NAGY Judit, HUN, 2:50:21
    2. PETNUCHOVÁ Ingrid, 2:51:05
    3. MARTINCOVÁ Ivana, 2:54:17

    23.03.2009: Furčianský maratón
    1. Slavomír Lidvai, SVK, 2:53:25
    2. Ondrej Evin, SVK, 2:55:12
    3. Rudolf Lorenčík, SVK, 2:56:50

    1. Zlatka Semanová, SVK, 3:55:08
    2. Eva Hatalová, SVK, 3:55:23
    3. Alžbeta Tiszová, SVK, 4:15:05
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